At IDK our strategic choice in dairy equipment is for our every move to respond to the needs of our customers. We invest time and resources in exploring and satisfying the multiple needs and requirements that arise from the diverse structure of our clientele.

Having one of the largest sales networks in Greece and abroad with a large team of specialized technical consultants being at the side of our customers every day, for Kateris S.A. the customer is of the utmost importance. For this reason we do not wait for the customer to come to us, but we go to him.

Flawless personal relationships of cooperation and mutual trust with our customers, have made us the top choice in the dairy production market of technical assembly. With daily contact and exchange of views and information with our customers, the specialized and highly qualified staff of the Sales Department transmits the pulse of the market. Thus, Kateris S.A. closely monitors developments, adapts and anticipates new market trends and needs.

At Kateris S.A. each customer is a separate partner who of course deserves special treatment.

Below you will find some of our valued customers. You can also see our completed projects on our portfolio. Do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can serve your farms needs.

hellenic dairies tyria

la farm turia 12

olympos turia

mpalantinos turia

giwtis 1

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mevgal turia

lavery turia cheese factory 1

notas turia

gratsanis turia

strougka turokomika

aynes turia

kri kri turia 11kri kri turia 44

oikofarma turia

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aeolikos 1

tsourmpaki turia

petropouloi messhnhs

evol gala turia

dimitriou turia

palios feta

fage galaktokomika turia

galaktomiki kritis 1

greek family farm 1

stamou turia

hpeiros turia

taxas turia

yfantis dianome thessalias

ifantis turia

delta turia

exarxos turia 1

doukidis turokimika

neogal galaktokomika

skopos turia

mpafas turia

olumpos papagianni

kalomoiris turokomika

alteco s a turokomika

elin turia

pfs papageorgiou

openmellon institouto

xrysafi 1

triantafillidis turokomika

arvanitis turokomika 1

evrofarma turia

koukaki farma turia

lukas turia

trikki turia 1

alfa turokomika

gjirofarm turia

christakis agathangelou turia 1

tyras turia

mpizios turia

dodoni turia 1

rousas turia 22

lytras turia

vassilitsa turia

karalis turia 1 1

nikzas turia 3

galaktokomiki tripoleos 1

alfa pagota

mpitsikas turia

agrotikos synetairismos lamias

del monte

gusto dairy

praxis iek

amorgion 1

paggaio 1

flegga turia

gravanis turia

elbak s a 1

mpelas turia vermiou

provogal turia

santziliotis turia thermis 1

mpourinos turia

hellas pilion 22

xaralampidis turia

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