The pasteurizer is a self-standing, prefabricated unit (dairy machines) and it is assembled on a stainless-steel frame. With all the necessary tests, such as F.A.T. (Factory Acceptance Test) and dry tests, are carried out in our facilities before the shipping of the unit. The operation and control of the unit is carried out from a SIEMENS new generation touch screen 9” in the front of the electrical cabinet.

The unit consists of:

THE BALANCE TANK (BT) is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316L, according to EHEDG – 3A standards, gives the ability of balanced operation of the unit even when emptying or changing the raw milk storage tanks.
Equipped with drain and overflow pipe, inlet/outlet sockets, continuous level measurement with analog transmitter 4-20amp, CIP spray ball and adjustable legs makes it ideal for all producers. The design of the BT gives also the advantage of the visual inspection of the level of the tank.

CENTRIFUGAL MILK PUMP delivers milk from BT to the main pasteurizing unit. The pump is automatic controlled with a frequency converter and according to the electromagnetic flow transmitter. The capacity is defined by the operator and can be inserted as a parameter in the touch screen. All welded parts are AISI 316L, it is equipped with a hygienic, open type impeller, 2.900 rpm motor with stainless steel shroud and adjustable legs.

PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER-PASTEURIZER (PHE) consists of two thermal sections, the pasteurization section and the cooling section. With optimum heat exchange that avoids the burning of the product, the CIP has the maximum effect which leads to the long life of the equipment. The temperature is automatically set via temperature transmitters and analogue valves (steam and cold-water valves) with electro pneumatic positioner. The temperature is set with accuracy even if the inlet temperature is not steady so the product can be cooled down to 4oC. The fame of the PHE is made of stainless steel AISI304 and the plates of ss AISI316

AUTOMATIC DIFFERENTIAL OVERPRESSURE SYSTEM that ensures and controls the overpressure between raw and pasteurized milk in the PHE, in order to avoid contamination in case of plate cracking. Equipped with a hygienic, open type impeller, pressure transmitters and a constant pressure valve. The system is made of AISI 316.

AUTOMATIC DIVERSION SYSTEM In case of pasteurizing failure, the pasteurized milk temperature in the outlet of holding tube is lower than the setting point so the product (cheese) is diverted back to the BT, in a closed piping system.


STAINLESS STEEL CONTROL BOARD Placed on the frame of the unit that contains all the necessary equipment for the safe and automatic operation of the installation, audiovisual alarm, reset button and emergency button. It is also including touch screen for the operation and control of the unit. The pasteurizing unit is controlled via PLC.
The preparation, production (feta production line), washout and CIP procedures are chosen from the operator and are executed automatically through respective screens via the control panel.

PAPERLESS RECORDING SYSTEM The pasteurization temperature, the differential pressure and position of diversion valve are recorded via this system with an LCD screen. The power, automation cables and air cables are placed in Inox type cable trays, appropriate for food industry.
The unit will be accompanied with full technical files, operating instructions, electrical schemes, parts list and manual of the installed equipment.

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