Laserkat is a modern metal cutting centre with LASER, which has the last two years invested dynamically in the field of cutting and metal forming. The specialized staff combined with the modern “TRULASER 3030” Metal Cutting Center have made Laserkat one of the leading companies in the elaboration of various materials, such as stainless steel, all alloying steels, any type of steel plate, aluminium, but also many other materials.

The modern “TRULASER 3030” Metal Cutting Center is equipped with a 4.0kW source, which offers significant advantages over other similar machines. It operates at high speed up to 10m / min as well as with the advantage of switching two tables measuring 3000x1500mm. It performs excellent cutting – without spikes and deviations, creating smooth surfaces while keeping the cutting-out error at just 0.1mm. In the two-dimensional cutting-configuration the working width in terms of thickness is from 0.5 to 25mm.

A great advantage of the machine is the ability to cut and modify any pipe and cavity of various materials. In particular, it can perform three-dimensional cutting-configuration in cavity dimensions from 12x12mm up to 220x220mm, while in a pipe, from Φ12mm up to Φ400mm.

Laserkat is an integral member of the “INOX DESIGN Kateris S.A.”. Therefore, the combination of know-how with speed, precision, usability, inventiveness and efficiency, make our company one of the most modern and competitive in the field of stainless steel structures.