INOX DESIGN Kateris SA is evolving over the recent years to provide new products and services to its customers.

Counting on the experienced technical and scientific staff, INOX DESIGN Kateris SA can instantly take over any requirement.

The company, among others, provides:

Technical assistance

INOX DESIGN Kateris SA, with its well-trained technical staff, is able not only to provide a package of equipment but also to provide all kind of maintenance services for the equipment (dairy machines).

Support contracts

Support contracts refer to companies that want complete and full maintenance, equipment and facilities.

Financial programs

The company for the best possible customer facilitation provides the possibility to provide a financial facilitation package in collaboration with the major banks to help every new dairy business to establish a credit line.

Research facilities

The company is able to provide any kind of study, covering industrial and other facilities.

We manufacture reliable quality assured machines that meet all your requirements. On all our machines we provide warranty, full service with qualified personnel and complete range of spare parts.

Special orders based on your needs

The many years of experience in the field of dairy machines, our infrastructure and our desire to meet the most specific needs, allow you to customize any machine to the dimensions and specifications that suit you.

We are dedicated to installing, maintaining and repairing our machines with flexibility, consistency and professionalism. Installation of your new equipment is carried out by a specialized technician from our company, regardless of location. Upon completion of the delivery your staff will be trained on the proper operation and use of the machinery.

IDK, apart from the construction part, also provides the appropriate support for the machinery and construction of the cooperating companies – thus ensuring an excellent operating result for these industries.

The company’s goal is to provide a full package of services to its customers.

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  1. Our company is distributor of Alfa Laval and Gea in the Rupublic of Belarus. We have contracts with 43 milk plants in Belarus. we would like to communicate with your company on issues of offering equipment for lilk plants in Belarus

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