Yogurt processing equipment

Whether you are building a new yogurt or milk factory or replacing parts of dairy equipment, contact us for a complete yogurt production machinery solution. We will support you with professional technicians at the best market price.

The milk production line adopts the most advanced technology that regulates the cooling tanks, the storage tanks, the mixing tanks, the homogenization, the pasteurization machine, the plate heat exchanger, the final tanks, the filling machine, the multifunctional production as a whole. The liquid from the system can be connected directly to the filling machine for filling.

Logical structure and attractive appearance can save a lot of space in the production area. An employee can handle production easily with automation systems. New technology spares low cost maintenance, component standardization, replacement location.

The multifunctional milk production line can produce pure milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, fruit yogurt and ice cream.

Create your own yogurt processing line

Greek yogurt can become the flagship of animal husbandry, giving thousands of breeders a way to boost their production and secure a more secure income.

Whether as a family farm or a breeders’ cooperative, a sole yogurt production unit requires less capacity than a complete dairy and requires fewer environmental permits.

Equip yourself with the necessary tools

For the production of yogurt, some specific machines are needed, such as a boiler, an incubator (yogurt maker), a kettle and a pump with which we fill the packages.

The small processing units of traditional yogurt are part of the processing units of the Food and Beverage sector for the production of yogurt and other types of fermented or acidified milk or cream.

Basic mechanical dairy equipment of a unit:

  • Receipt tank – Cooling of milk
  • Peak (standardization)
  • Kettle of milk
  • Distribution pump in containers
  • Crop inoculation system
  • Yogurt incubation-cooling chamber
  • Maintenance cold room
  • Basic milk quality control equipment

Why choose a yogurt fermentation machine?

The yogurt fermenter is the newly designed yogurt maker that can be used to make plain yogurt and fruit-based yogurt for commercial sales. In addition to fermenting yogurt from fresh milk, this yogurt maker also has the functions of sterilizing and cooling the finished yogurt products.

We all know that the key to making yogurt in the yogurt making process is the fermentation step. So, we, Kateris dairy equipment designed this special fermentation machine for the effective preparation of yogurt. This commercial yogurt maker can provide a constant temperature device for milk fermentation, between 35-45 degrees. In this environment, probiotics multiply, the lactose in milk is converted to lactic acid and the milk is fermented into yogurt.

The yogurt machine is the fully automatic intelligent dairy equipment with fermentation, hardening, disinfection and cooling functions. It is a machine for the production of fresh milk in various types of yogurt products.

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In the modern business environment with intense competition and ever-increasing pressures to reduce production time and costs, maximizing the utilization of resources and production capacity, is one of the most crucial factors for the viability of industries. The study of problems from the area of ​​industrial systems and production systems is a very popular subject in the scientific community, since even small developments can lead to huge benefits.

Improving the production line in an industry can bring significant benefits to its operation and strengthen it in this environment of increased competitiveness.

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