IDK is today a completely integrated manufacturing facility, which has been active in the industry and small industry, over the last 35 years. Over the last 25 years, IDK has been specialized in the field of stainless steel structures and support for the construction of industrial projects and in especially, in the design and construction of machinery and equipment for food industries.

Our mission is to develop successful milk units

Finally, in IDK, our main concern is the complete development and reformation of any milk-food unit into a modern and competitive unit, according to European standards.

Specialized Research and Development Section

The specialized research and testing department of the company, in cooperation with the experienced and well-trained technical personnel, occupy themselves in the development of complete and functional machinery suitable for any company – food industry. At the same time, IDK, apart from the construction part, also provides the appropriate support for the machinery and construction of the cooperating companies – thus ensuring an excellent operating result for these industries.

International attendance in more than 16 countries

The company’s activity extends both to the domestic market and to the foreign market. Specifically, in the last years, IDK has undertaken and has accomplished standards projects, which are proof of the company’s capabilities, as well as its validity and completeness in the industry of cheese dairies equipment.

In the last years, it has expanded its clientele throughout Greece and in many countries abroad. Taking one step further, IDK becomes a SA (Anonymous society) company, aiming at the conquest of one of the first positions in the field of stainless steel constructions in Greece.