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As a company, Kateris provides dairy machinery & food processing machinery. See more usefull webpages here.We offer omplete solutions from a small dairy farm to the largest production unit.

We design all our products, always in cooperation with the customers, taking into consideration all of their requirements and needs, studying the functionality and efficiency of every product. Featuring the latest type of modern machinery andnd the most skilled staff, we can manage any construction, perfectly adapted to the needs and requirements of every customer.

We are a company with strong roots and great potential in the field of dairy and cheese, we deal exclusively with repairs and spare parts for separators – milk tops as well as repairs – sale – and supply of spare parts for pasteurizers and other cheese machines. Due to the large stock we have, we have the shortest delivery time throughout Greece and abroad. Our long experience in the field of dairy and cheese-making and our extreme specialization guarantee impeccable service and support.We are always willing to offer our technology and know-how to every cheese unit and dairy industry, thus helping the most efficient production and better quality of their products.

Having gained many years of experience in this profession and personally knowing our customers, we can cope and fulfill the requirements of our customers. We import our machines from Germany, Italy, Russia and of course we cooperate with several companies in Greece. We guarantee you for the reliability of our machines as well as for the technical support.
We are at your disposal for anything you need.

Our company supplies the largest dairy industries in Greece with machines of high quality and durability. The machines we provide you are made of stainless steel material suitable for food. Their incomparable quality as well as their endurance in difficult conditions, always according to their defined quality standards, quickly contributed to the increase of sales and our establishment in the demanding market of the food industry.

The many years of experience and the unparalleled know-how of the specialized staff in milk processing systems as well as the remarkable collaborations of our company with other European companies make us one of the most specialized experts in the field.

Our company gives the solution to the processing of milk by offering the Greek market integrated milk processing systems in small or large cheese and dairy units, turning the production and processing of cheese, yogurt, etc. into a pleasant, relaxing, fast and more efficient process.

We manufacture stainless steel machines for cheese and dairy units with certified suitable materials for food. We have for sale new and used cheese machines, preferring the leading manufacturers abroad. Having the appropriate experience and equipment, we undertake the support and maintenance of the cheese-making machines.

Kateris provides the most economical solutions in the field in combination with our high quality and experience. We provide guarantee in all the work we undertake and support even after the delivery of the work to the customer.

You will find the most economical solutions in the field in combination with our high quality and experience and guarantee in all the work we undertake and support even after the delivery of the work to the customer.

The machines of our company are certified based on Greek & European case law,
for food safety and personnel protection.In addition, the company has completed
the certification of its processes according to the standards of ISO 9001: 2015.

The installation of the machines as well as the start of good operation, is done by our experienced team of technicians. The technical consultant presents the good practice of good operation of the products, for proper use. Our technical consultants as well as the head of the after sales services department, make sure that you only deal with the production.

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The specialized research and testing department of the company, in collaboration with the experienced and well-trained technical staff, proceed to the construction of integrated and functional machines, suitable for any company – food industry. At the same time, the company IDK, in addition to the construction part, provides the appropriate support to the machines and constructions of the companies – industries that it cooperates with, thus ensuring an excellent result of operation of these industries. In this page you will find usefull websites above which you can browse and find whatever you want.