Kateris Dairy Equipment at the FOODTECH 2021 Exhibition in Athens

Kateris Dairy Equipment at the FOODTECH 2021 Exhibition in Athens

Kateris Dairy Equipment Inox Design S.A. participates in the 2nd major exhibition of technology and equipment FOODTECH 2021 that returns dynamically and safely, in Covid Free conditions from 12 to 15 November 2021, at the Metropolitan Expo exhibition center.

It is expected, according to relevant research, high attendance of the exhibition, as well as its co-organization with the ARTOZA exhibition, makes FOODTECH 2021 the most important commercial and technological event of 2021. It is considered a meeting point and investment choice center, for all productive and supply companies in the Food & Beverage sector.

Why visit FOODTECH 2021

Kateris Dairy Equipment Inox Design S.A. actively participates in the exhibition FOODTECH 2021. You will find us at HALL 2 STAND No C06-D05 with an informative workshop with experts in cheese and dairy machinery in the production and packaging sector which will address the most current issues of the food & beverages industry and issues that have emerged in the post-covid era such as:

  • Application and utilization of Big data analytics in the food and beverage industry.
  • Production of safe food according to the requirements of the post covid era.
  • Ways to save and autonomy of production and processing units.
Kateris Dairy Equipment at the FOODTECH 2021 Exhibition in Athens
Kateris Dairy Equipment Inox Design S.A. Meet us at HALL 2 STAND No C06-D05

Kateris Dairy Equipment invites you to the 2nd FOODTECH 2021 Exhibition

IDK with its knowledge and experience, always stays by your side in your every need, proposing and giving solutions to any of your needs during the dairy production process. Contact us at 24920 29240 to receive your invitation or book your invitation online and meet in person!

Visit us at FOODTECH 2021 for innovative cheese machines, services and practical solutions to improve, develop and automate your business production line.

From 12 to 15 November 2021, at the Metropolitan Expo, you will have the opportunity to discover new cheese machines, innovative technologies and talk to us about the real needs of your business. Our team, Kateris Dairy Equipment Inox Design S.A. will give you solutions, compare prices and make direct trade deals.

Why visit Kateris Dairy Equipment HALL 2 STAND No C06-D05?

The cheese and dairy machines of Kateris Inox Design S.A. cover the whole range of the production process, from the production of safe food, processing, packaging, storage to handling.

At HALL 2 STAND No C06-D05 you will find everything for the improvement of the production line of your business, all the answers to your needs, all the solutions to the issues that concern your company, you will see the equipment but also the technologies that you are looking for first hand and you will be able to leave the exhibition with real proposals and ideas for your business, to make it more competitive but also more profitable.


The FOODTECH 2021 Exhibition is addressed to:

The Exhibition is a pole of attraction for all professionals in the field of domestic and foreign market. Your presence will strengthen your trade relations with the professionals of the Greek market and will assist in the development of trade relations abroad, while strengthening the brand name of your company.

  • Factory managers
  • Production engineers
  • Quality control managers
  • R&D managers
  • Logistics managers
  • Procurement managers
  • Owners of Cheese and Dairy Units

At FOODTECH 2021 you will meet close associates of your industry and you will create new business relationships that are considered necessary for the development of your business and economic activity.

Register your online invitation today and meet us up close!

Hosted Buyers Exhibition program

Aiming to expand our business activities in the domestic and foreign market through the Hosted Buyers program we will have the opportunity to hold a significant number of scheduled b2b meetings with important foreign buyers.

The FOODTECH 2021 exhibition is attended by domestic and foreign exhibitors and the thousands of international visitors who visit it will contribute to the promotion of Greek cheese technology throughout Europe.

What categories will you see in the FOODTECH 2021 exhibition:

  • Food & Beverage processing machinery and equipment
  • Filling & bottling machines for liquid food and alcoholic beverages
  • Automation, Robotic Systems and Information Technology
  • Raw Materials and Additives for the production of Food & Beverages
  • Machinery, equipment and materials for primary and secondary packaging
  • Machines & equipment for labeling, coding & product marking
  • Industrial gases. Air conditioning and ventilation of production areas
  • Flexible Packaging & Labels
  • Packaging products made of paper, glass, plastic & tinplate
  • Weighing technologies and systems
  • Product storage, handling and transportation systems.
  • Air compressors
  • Cooling rooms and Cooling-Heating Systems
  • Cleaning and disinfection machinery and systems. Waste management
  • Certification, marketing, product design companies.

Informative Workshops and Seminars by industry experts

In the exhibition FOODTECH 2021 will be held in a specially designed stage, informative Workshops and Seminars by industry experts and market executives.

We will share the know-how of Kateris Dairy Equipment Inox Design S.A. at the pace imposed by the market, technological developments and the course of the industry in our country. You will also have the opportunity to interact with keynote speakers, experts, executives in the food and beverage industry, professionals in the fields of production, safety and quality management, marketing, packaging and members of institutions.

Detailed program of FOODTECH 2021:

Friday 12 November 2021


  • Industry 4.0: Its impact on the development of the Food Industry


13: 00-14: 20

  • New technologies in food production
  • Introduction to new technologies (Big Data / Blockchain / Artificial Intelligence / 5G)
  • Presentation of new technologies applied in the Food Industry
  • Presentations of food companies that use specific applications


14: 20-15: 30

  • The digital age and the human resources of the Food Industry
    Speakers: Representatives of companies, HR Experts, Secretary General of Industry


16: 00-18: 00

  • Conference by the Association of Cold Supply Chain and Logistics


Saturday 13 November 2021

  • Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) in the meat supply chain
    Speaker: George Katerinis, Journalist, Director of MEAT NEWS


12: 00-13: 30

  • The action of the Meat Products Institute (Meat Products)
    Speaker: George Economou, Executive Director of IPK
  • SDATs in the meat supply chain as a preventive medicine intervention.
    Speaker: Apostolos Rantsios, President of IPK
  • Why, where and how SDAT and not HACCP
    Speaker: Spyridon Ramantanis, Member of IPK
  • Legislative provisions for SWF of the meat supply chain – Official control.
    Speaker: Panagiota Papadaki, Deputy Director of Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Ministry of Health
  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the viability of the meat supply chain.
    Speaker: Nikos Solomakos, Associate Professor University of Thessaly.
  • Problems from the practical application of SDAT in the meat processing industry.
    Speaker: Veni Giza, Veterinarian, Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Control PG NIKAS SA


  • Conference on Technologies and innovations in the production and packaging of food and beverages
    General Coordinator of the Conference: Panagiotis Maniateas, General Secretary of PETET


14: 00-15: 30

1st section: Meat-Meat products
Coordinator: Margarita Tsakonas, Agronomist-Food Science, member of PETET
Speakers: Panagiotis Skandamis, Professor of Agriculture PA, Elias Alexiou, Auditor of the Attica Region, Vice President of PETET, Papaisiou Ioannis, Food Technologist, Papadiotis Sotiris, Production Manager Voudouris – Konstas.


16: 00-17: 00

2nd section: Olive Oil-Olives
Coordinator: Ekaterini Zatsou, Food Technologist, member of PETET
Speakers: George Economou, Director of SEVITEL (Association of Greek Olive Oil Standardization Industries), Dr. Frangiskos Gaitis, Biologist-Food Microbiologist- Head of Food Testing and Research Laboratories of Athens of EFET, Angelos Mochloulis, Electrical Engineer NTUA, CEO KYVEA (Center for Sustainable Business Development)


17: 00-18: 00

Section 3: Dairy
Coordinator: Athanasia Antoniou, Agronomist-Food Science, member of PETET
Speakers: Christos Apostolopoulos, President of SEV / GAP, Director of Total Quality Friesland Campina, Dionysis Antonopoulos, Chemist-Food Technologist – PhD PADA, Costas Papatheodorou, Food Technologist, Director S. Hellasion Lactalis Southeast Europe


Sunday 14 November 2021


  • New trends in food safety


12: 00-14: 00

  • The impact of legislation and new materials on the food industry
    Coordinator: Nikolaos Gionis, MSc Food Technologist, PETET board member
    Speakers: Panagiota Drilia, Chemist PhD, Analytical Laboratories Tsakalidis, Zoi Mousia, Chemical Engineer PhD, Directorate of Risk Assessment & Nutrition EFET, Konstantinos Samios, Director of Quality Assurance Tsimos P. , Head of Quality Control & Management, ELSA SILGAN Metal Packaging


  • Digital tools for the food and beverage industry


14.00 – 14.10

  • Greetings, introduction to the conference


14.10 – 14.30

  • Global index of total production efficiency.
  • Case-study from the canning industry: EVOCON, productivity improvement with a simple cloud application
    Speakers: Spyros Vamvakas, Vice President of HMS, Industry Consultant, Representative of Greece & Cyprus of EVOCON, Thanassis Makris, Operations Manager ELVAKAE


14.30 – 14.50

  • CMMS in the food industry
    Speaker: George Efraimidis, President of HMS, General Manager AtlantisEngineering


14.50 – 15.10

  • Longeviter Cloud CRM vertical application in the field Flexo – Roto (study case)
    Speaker: Anestis Vatsioannidis, Executive Manager, ACCESSIT LTD


15.10 – 15.30

  • Diagnostic technologies in the food industry
    Speaker: Dimitris Saggiotis, Vice President of HMS, Harper Manager of IKE


15.30 – 15.50

  • Augmented Reality Technologies in Manufacturing and Maintenance in food companies
    Speaker: Theodoros Papatheodorou, Member of the Board of HMS, Adaptit


15.50 – 16.10

  • Quality assurance with production control systems
    Speaker: Thodoris Papadopoulos, Business Development Alpiconn


16.10 – 16.30

  • Q&A session


Monday 15 November 2021

  • Current developments in nutrition


12: 00-12: 50

  • Eating habits of the Greek population
  • Modern food consumption trends
  • F2F & actions of the Food Industry
    Speaker: Representative of the SEVT Nutrition Policy Committee
  • EUREMO results & next steps
    Speaker: Representative of the Ministry Health


12: 50-13: 20

  • Reconstruction & development of new products – Best practices of companies


13: 20-13: 40

  • Discussion and Q & As


  • Food waste reduction actions along the supply chain



  • Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste in Greece – Objectives and Actions
    Speaker: Dia Chorafa, AMKE We Can – Alliance Coordinator (foodsavingalliancegreece.gr)



Presentation of programs and actions for the reduction of food waste implemented by Members of the Alliance

  • Quantification of food waste throughout the supermarket supply chain
    Speakers: Dionysis Dionysopoulos, Procurement Services & Quality Assurance, Buying Division, AB Vassilopoulos, Katia Lazaridi, Professor, Department of Geography, Harokopio University
  • Food waste affects us all!
    Speaker: Alexandra Vasilakopoulou, Director of Corporate Communication DELTA
  • Success in reducing product waste
    Speakers: Angeliki Iosisfidou, Marketing & Communication Director, Eurocatering, Ioanna Angelopoulou, Quality & Assurance Director, Eurocatering
  • Combating food waste: ethical, social, economic and environmental issues
    Speaker: Tassos Stathis, Head of Supply Chain and Quality manager, Nutricia


Contact us!

The specialized research and testing department of our company, in collaboration with the experienced and well-trained technical staff will be at your disposal from 12 to 15 November 2021, at the Metropolitan Expo exhibition center in Athens, at HALL 2 STAND No C06-D05 to inform you about the construction of integrated and functional machines, suitable for any company – food industry.

Kateris Dairy Equipment, in addition to the construction part, provides the appropriate support to the machines and constructions of the companies – industries that it cooperates, thus ensuring an excellent operating result of these industries. Contact us to receive your invitation for the FOODTECH 2021 exhibition in Athens.

Note: Only industry professionals are allowed to enter the exhibition. The invitation Kateris Dairy Equipment Inox Design S.A. is valid for 1 person, is personal and is not sufficient on its own for entry unless accompanied by a certificate of vaccination or illness (in electronic or printed form).

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