Universal Interest for the Thessalian Dairy Products


Universal Interest for the Thessalian Dairy Products

The search for diversity in Greek dairy / cheese making and the adoption of innovation have characterized both the findings and the proposals of academics who participated in events in Elassona, Larissa, Greece for milk, feta and Greek production (dairy machines).

A big and important step for the connection of the Thessalian cheese and dairy industry with the international markets was held in Larissa on Wednesday the 12th of June 2019, during a business meeting of dairy and dairy exporting companies in Greece with buyers from all over the world.

The meeting was held under the auspices of the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food with the co-organization of Enterprise Greece and the Chamber of Commerce of Larissa.

Thessalian Dairy Products

A total of 18 cheesemakers from Thessaly, Epirus and Macedonia participated in the meeting and discussed the possibility of working with foreign buyers from North America, Canada, the European Union, the Arab world, China and Korea.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food said among other things that, “Today’s day is a tangible demonstration of our long standing efforts as a government, while strengthening the extroversion of the primary sector of our country.

The lack of adequate interconnection of Greek entrepreneurship with international markets is, in our view, the weak link in the productive model of the agri-food sector and that is why we adopt all the good practices from the experience of countries that lead the developments in this context and produce directly Results.

Since the qualities of our local products are of paramount incomparable quality, I am sure that this effort will yield immediate benefits with measurable benefits to the local economy, society but also to increased production of national wealth.


International markets

For his part, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Larissa noted that, “The effort we are making here today is a program that we have co-organized with the Ministry of Rural Development and Enterprise Greece. We want to bring buyers here in Larissa.

We do not substitute reports, because they also have their important role. But they also have to come here to see our business. It is important for us that large buyers come in business with us. We want to give the quality of our own product. This is an important effort, and that’s why we thank the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Enterprise Greece.

“Enterprise Greece” Chairman and Chief Executive Officer stated in his statements that “the” Enterprise Greece “has embraced all of Greece, whether it is export promotion or attracting investment. We are even trying to integrate in exports and investments because, as you can see, our production is no longer sufficient for the export targets we have but we need to make joint ventures and find synergies to help improve our business.

Let’s grow them up and save them financially if possible, so that we can win a bit of the pie of the international markets through a very tough competition“.

To be more accurate, it is the first time that a business meeting for the cheese industry and dairy equipment (DAIRY MACHINES) is held in Larissa, Greece.

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