Tete De Moine: Swiss Cheese


Have you ever heard about the Tete de Moine cheese? If you’re fed up with getting different varieties of cheese for various types of dishes then this cheese may be the strategy to your own issue.

This kind of cheese goes back to 1520, produced on the Swiss Alps named Bernese Jura. Tete de Moine makes clear just what real gourmet Switzerland cheese is all about. It’s a genuine masterpiece regarding cheese-making (dairy machinery).

The fragrance is just incredible. The flavour is really complex with particular cheese exhibits much more flavour and also fragrance in comparison to some other European cheese. It is a unique connoisseur Swiss cheese.

Slicing your Cheese

Tete de Moine is quite savoury for anyone to cut it straight into items. In order to have the full degree of the scent and also flavour, it is better to shave it with a special blade directly into thin slices. A great application that is thus perfect for shaving men’s face, this kind of cheese will be the Switzerland manufactured Girolle.

It is especially created for accenting cheese platters along with producing perfect cheese rosettes. But if you do not have this specific device, you need to use the chef’s knife. You can thinly reduce the top served by your cutlery and after that get rid of that.

Maintaining the idea Fresh new

To maintain the actual scent and flavour of your respective Tete de Moine, store it in the family fridge. Wrap it with special cheese paper because cheese need to breath to maintain its texture. You can accompany this kind of premium cheese with just about everything. You do not have to buy different kind of cheeses for different circumstances.

That is certainly amazing to be offered with refreshing greens. It is possible to blend it with fruits like celery as well as grapes. It also enhances well along with prosciutto or other treated meat. You’ll be able to match it with any type of cooking and whichever foodstuff you will serve the idea with. When you use this specific Switzerland cheese, feel comfortable knowing that since expiration date arrives it will be long gone.


Before you purchase Tete de Moine cheese, make sure the store you choose to buy it can be trustworthy in marketing real cheese.

This kind of cheese is unquestionably definitely worth the price tag. Should you be looking to acquire the high quality Europe cheese (dairy machinery), after that Tete de Moine cheese will be the proper selection. Therefore go and check out one particular today!

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